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Temporary closure of the Gallipoli Memorial Club

Members would be aware that the Club has been in negotiations with various parties for some 20 years hoping to renovate the Club premises in Loftus Street. These discussions are approaching finalisation. Therefore, all trading will cease at 12-14 Loftus St. on Friday 15 December 2017.

Our historic building will be completely re-furbished. Any original features (sandstone walls, timber floors, roof structure etc.) will be restored and displayed. A new Glass lift and open staircase are included. We intend to excavate approximately a half floor basement, therefore removing some toilets, storerooms and equipment from the main part of the Club.

A 550 sq. metre museum space is also included in the project. This will be located below our northern neighbour 2-10 Loftus St. with direct internal access from the Club.

The Board of Directors is confident that our Historic Club House and Museum will be something for all members to be very proud of.

We will continue to hold the General Meetings, the Gallipoli Art Prize Exhibition and Commemoration of Lone Pine, but the venues for these functions will be advised closer to the dates when they are finalised. The Gazette will be produced and distributed as usual on a Quarterly basis.

See the progress of the renovations:

Club renovations

John Robertson



Ph. (02) 9235 1533






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The Gallipoli Art Prize Valued at $20,000 (Acquisitive)

The Gallipoli Art Prize Competition commenced in 2006 and will be conducted annually.



  • 2024:  “The Pity of War” by Luke Cornish
  • 2023:  “Ray’s Room” by Andrew Tomkins
  • 2022:  “Along the ride to Damascus” by Deirdre Bean
  • 2021:  “Forgotten Heroes” by Geoff Harvey
  • 2020: “Breathe” by Alison Mackay
  • 2019: “War Pigeon Diaries” by Martin King
  • 2018: “Mont St Quentin” Steve Lopes
  • 2017: “The Sphinx, Perpetual Peace” by Amanda Penrose Hart
  • 2016: “Yeah, Mate” by Jiawei Shen
  • 2015: “Boy Soldiers” by Sally Robinson
  • 2014: “Gallipoli Evening 2013” by Idris Murphy
  • 2013: “Dog in a Gas Mask” by Peter Wegner
  • 2012: “Trench Interment” by Geoff Harvey
  • 2011: “Sacrifice” by Hadyn Wilson
  • 2010: “The dead march here today” by Raymond Arnold
  • 2009: “Smoke/PinkLandscape/Shovel” by Euan Macleod
  • 2008: “Max Carment, War Veteran (The last portrait)” by Tom Carment
  • 2007: “Glorus Fallen” by Lianne Gough
  • 2006: “Ataturk’s Legacy” by Margaret Hadfield

The Gallipoli Art Prize Organising Committee invites any eligible artist to submit a painting for the Gallipoli Art Prize, which will be administered by the Gallipoli Memorial Club Limited (hereafter referred to as the Club) and under the control of the Gallipoli Art Prize Organizing Committee.

Prize money of $20,000 is awarded to the artist. The Club’s acquisition of the work and its copyright remain property of the Gallipoli Memorial Club Museum Fund.

The Gallipoli Art Prize will be awarded to the artist who best depicts the spirit of the Gallipoli Campaign as expressed in the Club’s “Creed”.


The Club’s Creed is:

We believe that within the community there exists an obligation for all to preserve the special qualities of loyalty, respect, love of country, courage and comradeship which were personified by the heroes of the Gallipoli Campaign and bequeathed to all humanity as a foundation for perpetual peace and universal freedom.

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