Belinda Bathgate

Awas Tintola

Mixed media

180 x 190cm

Gallipoli Artprize Finalist Belinda Bathgate

“Awas Tintola” began to evolve when found in a bible belonging to my Grandmother late last year there was a War Comforts Post Card of 1917 placed at Psalm 144, a ‘Soldiers Prayer’. Written at the front of the bible, ‘Francis Hore’ ‘1912’. Hore, my Grandmother’s adopted name.

Following this find, my research located records of a Major Leslie Francis Standish Hore, who served at Gallipoli, and whose Gallipoli watercolours are now held in the State Library of NSW.

“Awas Tintola” (in N’flk language) came as a response to my initial finds, honouring the service heart of individuals, relationships, family, community.

My colour palette: Influenced by Hore’s Gallipoli images. The view: Imagined, with combined perspectives inclusive of cliffs, valleys, barren earth, beach. The 151,126 circles: Represent one approximated total of all deaths at Gallipoli. Backstitching: The names of the honoured Norfuk Ailen men who served at Gallipoli with Australian and New Zealand Imperial Forces, and the song still sung when an Islander passes.

Dedicated to all those who create to escape PTSD, something without which I could not live.