Alison Mackay

Bloom – for Country for Home

Oil on Wood

73 x 105cm

Gallipoli Artprize Finalist Alison Mackay

The ‘bloom of youth’ is a phrase that is often used to describe those who answer the call to arms in times of war. Many soldiers have been very young when they have fought and sometimes made the ultimate sacrifice. This painting associates that ‘bloom’ with the floral emblems of each State, Territory and the Commonwealth of Australia – symbols of the localities from all over this country that soldiers have called home. These are the places – and the nation – that they have loved and sought to protect.

Floral Emblems:

Commonwealth: Golden Wattle

NSW: Waratah

Tasmania: Tasmanian Blue Gum

Victoria: Common Heath

Queensland: Cooktown Orchid

NT: Sturt’s Desert Rose

WA: Kangaroo Paw

ACT: Royal Bluebell

SA: Sturt’s Desert Pea