Margaret Hadfield

Quinns Post and Professor Stanley

Oil on canvas

110 x 151cm

Margaret Hadfield_Quinns Post and Professor Stanley

A visit to Gallipoli in 2004 sparked my interest into military history and the landscape.

Books such as Quinns Post by Peter Stanley were read with much interest and it was

so enlightening to understand more of the Gallipoli campaign and how amazing the

snipers were. Historians are like detectives and are extremely passionate about telling

the stories. They are not all financially rewarded and often have to self-fund their

books for us. It takes enormous dedication to follow this career path.


Professor Stanley has around 32 books to his name and still going. I’m a admirer of

these special people and when sitting for this portrait in my studio, it didn’t take long

for his hands to flow and talk. When discussing ‘his’ subject he is more than willing to

share his knowledge. He has recently published several more books dealing with the

Gallipoli campaign including the Indians on Gallipoli – DIE IN BATTLE and SIMPSON

AND HIS DONKEY a novel for children. He is currently Associate Head of School

UNSW, Research Professor in History.