Katie Gillgren

Life Death and Remembrance

Acrylic on canvas

50 X 50cm



Katie Gillgren_Life Death and Remembrance 1

The poppy is a representation for those soldiers who have lost their lives during the wars. Growing in the fields of France during WW1 these petals were as fragile as the Australians who lost their lives due to fighting. This is the emblem of remembrance for Remembrance Day. The 11 November A day in which we respect where millions of people right around the world wear the red poppy.   The red poppy can survive is harsh conditions as is as strong as our soldiers. In this painting I have used acrylic paints to create the effect of a soldier standing next to the poppies.  Also, the sunset, this shows that at dusk when the soldiers had fallen a platoon would show respect, love and loyalty.