Interwoven Cultures

Mixed media

79 x 79cm framed



John Colet School Yr 6

The Focus of this year’s work was the Vietnam War. The children looked at the textures, patterns and colours found in Vietnamese textiles, the patterns and colours of the rice paddies, and the symbol of the chinook, the most common mode of transport for troops during the war. The Vietnam War was a time of great upheaval, not only in Vietnam but also in Australia with the peace protests and influence of the hippie movement. The children studied the fashion and music of the day dressing up and recreating the dances popular at the time.

Many refugees fled Vietnam at this time becoming part of Australia’s vibrant multicultural society. One of these was Thuy Ngyen, our framer, from Strathfield Framers who was in tears when he saw the work as it reminded him of his childhood and the country he had fled.