The first day, Gallipoli 1915

Acrylic on canvas

76 x 61cm



James Jian Shu Hu

On 25 April 1915 Australian and New Zealand troops landed at Gallipoli. It is a significant national day and the key element in the Anzac legend. I watch the parade on Anzac Day every year, and I like to share the memories of Gallipoli with my family, my friends and everyone on that special day.

My painting was inspired by Gallipoli photographs, I based it on a landing photo and other photos of portraits. I painted faces with smiles as I wanted to represent the spirits of Australian soldier’s courage and optimism.

Born in Shanghai, China, I arrived in Sydney in 1987 and obtained my Australian citizenship in 1997. I studied a Fine Arts course at TAFE, St George, Sydney Institute and obtained my Diploma in 2009.